• Loading Rack Gangways

    Loading Racks and Safety Cages: Top Three Benefits to Consider

    Loading racks and safety cages help your employees stick to their schedules by providing quick and efficient OSHA- and MSHA-compliant fall protection for your tanker trucks, railcars, and iso-tainers. Manufacturers like SafeRack even add a fourth rail for added fall protection, going above and beyond established standards. The racks and cages can be used with various gangway, ramp and…

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  • Swivel Joint Repair Kit

    Clabber Girl Improves Employee Safety with Mobile Loading Platform

    Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Clabber Girl knows that the safety of their employees is the key to a successful operation. They purchased their first MAUI loading platform from SafeRack in 2010 and a second in 2016. The mobile loading platform serves as a portable truck loading rack, a necessity where access for inspection or venting is required…

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  • Acid railcar loading platforms

    SafeRack helps Eco-Services Update Acid Railcar Loading Platforms

    Rhodia company, now known as Eco-services, needed to upgrade their old, antiquated acid railcar loading platforms to one updated continuous platform for loading railcars. They knew SafeRack was right for the task due to their reliable safety systems in bulk chemical loading. This project started back in 2011-2012 but took time due to the delicacy that came with this…

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  • bulk chemical loading

    Project Profile – Bulk Chemical Loading in a Constrained Work Area

    A specialty chemical company located in Virginia was looking for an improved bulk chemical loading solution for accessing the tops of their acid railcars while keeping their employees secure while unloading the chemicals. This seemed like a straightforward task at first, but in doing a site survey, it was discovered the work area was extremely tight and fraught with…

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  • Heavy Machinery

    Crude Oil Facilities: An Introduction to Safety

    What does your workday look like? If you’re like most people with a nine-to-five job, you spend your days working in an office, most likely at a desk, on a computer or laptop. Perhaps you also get together with coworkers for meetings or conference calls throughout your day. What are the ways your company ensures…

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  • Custom Loading Arm

    The Beauty of Custom Loading Arms

    Since our early coal-and-steam days kickstarted the industrial revolution, we’ve perfected how we transport fluids and hazardous material. Often the most precarious moment of transfer is that first loading point from refinery to vehicle, where tank trucks and railcars roll in to guzzle up any of the following:  A pliable, winding hose might seem like…

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  • Swivel Joints

    Maintaining Your Swivel Joints

    Swivel joints operate much like the joints of the human body. Sure they’re made from some of the world’s toughest materials to withstand heat, high-pressure fluids, chemicals — whatever we pipe and transport. But that’s exactly how they succumb to their own forms of breakdown and arthritis. Looking after the health of your machine parts…

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  • OPW dry disconnect

    Dry Disconnect Coupling – Handling Hazardous, High-Value Chemicals Doesn’t Have To Be High Risk

    Being able to minimize the amount of harmful chemicals lost during the connection and disconnection of coupling systems offers significant benefits to operators and handlers, but it can also lead to substantial cost savings. High-value chemicals are utilized throughout most manufacturing industries, and the utmost care has to be taken in order to maximize profits…

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  • Couplers

    Connecting With Dry Disconnect Couplers

    The standard of the industry of disconnect couplers are the OPW Kamvalok® Dry Disconnect Couplers. OPW Kamvaloks® are used at liquid transfer points where product loss could occur. They provide a reliable solution to prevent spillage during connection or disconnection. Dry Lok couplers are the closest dry disconnect on the market. They feature low pressure…

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  • unsupported boom style top loading arm

    Loading Arm Types

    Top or bottom loading applications, supported or unsupported boom arms, fixed or variable reach arms, bypass and wash arms are all common applications we can assist you with when your application requires the use of a loading arm. Bottom Loading Arm for Tank Trucks To bottom load bulk chemicals the OPW loading arm swings under…

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