Maintaining Your Swivel Joints

Swivel joints operate much like the joints of the human body. Sure they’re made from some of the world’s toughest materials to withstand heat, high-pressure fluids, chemicals — whatever we pipe and transport.

But that’s exactly how they succumb to their own forms of breakdown and arthritis. Looking after the health of your machine parts goes a long way toward extending their life. 

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of the swivels you choose to invest in.

Oil Your Swivel

A swivel with a grease ring requires periodic lubrication to continue running. Some feature a zerk fitting that allows you to simply inject the swivel with lubricating grease. This keeps your machine running literally as smoothly as possible.   

Change Your Swivel

After years of wear and tear, some swivels have to call it a day. If you’re inspecting the swivel of your pipe or machine and you find that the interior structures have begun to erode, it’s time to order replacements. 

Purchase The Correct Swivel

You can get a leg up on longevity just by purchasing the correct swivel joint to begin with. Invest in the appropriate material and design for whatever it will be used for. You’ll see a faster ROI and replace it far less often.

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