Swivel Joints

Swivel joints are precision elements for the link between stationary pipes (or hoses) and rotating parts of machines. The purpose is the transport of gaseous, liquid, or semi-solid substances (e.g. petroleum, steam, cooling fluids ) from and to machines. They’re also utilized in movable pipe systems, such as bronchial pipe systems, or loading arms and as loss of mechanical forces on hose and are an essential construction element. Based on the program more than 1 canal can be essential for the inflow and outflow of media. Combinations with electric rotary unions are possible.

Another distinctive swivel is the rotary union. It’s developed for a constant rotating of a swivel in software for heating or cooling or steam.
By combining several programs, it is possible to estimate a swivel joint for an application in virtually every circumstance. The swivel joints can be provided in standard and special implementation, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, from 1/8″ up to 30″ in diameter, etc… Tell us your requirements and we will quote you a swivel joint.

Swivel Joint Styles and Shapes

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Swivel Joints Specifications

Swivel Joint Design Features

Swivel Joints Permit Easy Movement in any Direction

OPW Engineered Systems fabricated and cast ball bearing swivel joints offer many outstanding features that contribute to their dependability and long life. Quality construction standards include precision machining and 100% penetration welding by certified welders. OPW swivel joints allow you to construct a metal piping system that is moveable, flexible and reliable. You can count on OPW.

1. Tight Seals

O-rings are used to provide a tight seal without hindering swivel action. Because the grooves are accurately machined and micro-finished, wear is minimal. Available seals include Buna-N, Viton™, Teflon™, EPT, Neoprene, and even Kalrez or other specialty seals as needed. All Teflon™ seals are spring energized, with a 316 stainless steel garter spring.

2. True Ball Bearing Race Alignment

Body and tail sections are locked together by a double row of ball bearings. Raceways are machined to precise tolerances. This double race design assures proper alignment and prevents binding caused by temperature changes or heavy radial loads. Carbon steel swivels have hardened races to maximize load-carrying capability.

3. Protected Bearing Chamber

Product can’t enter the bearing chamber because of the protective inner O-ring seal. An outer seal keeps rain, dirt, and other contaminants out. Both seals hold lubricant in.

4. Long-Life Bearings

Ball Bearings are hardened, precision-ground steel. Stainless steel swivels have stainless steel bearings. All OPW swivels are available with stainless steel bearings on special order.

5. Easy Lubrication

All OPW swivels are pre-lubricated at the factory, and all _”, 1” and submerged service swivels are permanently lubricated. For swivels requiring field lubrication, a grease fitting between the races accepts a standard grease gun. Non- lubricated swivels are available on special order.

6. No Field Adjustment Necessary

Balls are held in place by factory-installed plugs that never need adjustment to maintain ball bearing performance.

100% Penetration Welding

Of particular importance is the 100% penetration welding of fabricated steel and stainless steel swivels. OPW swivel joints are available in many different styles and sizes, from_” and up, with threaded, flanged, and butt welding ends. Steam jacketed swivels as well as split flange units are also available.

Applications for Swivel Joints

Swivel Joints Meet Numerous Application Requirements

OPW Engineered Systems manufactures swivel joints for a broad range of uses in the petroleum, machine tool, chemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, and paint industries, as well as farm irrigation and fertilizing, and hundreds of OEM applications. Design, maintenance, and plant engineers use OPW swivels in flexible piping systems, loading arms, hose reels, sewer rodding and wastewater treatment equipment, and various types of process machinery. They are also widely used for machine tool coolant transfer, drum filling applications, and a variety of in-plant fluid and dry bulk transfer operations.

OPW Engineered Systems manufactures swivel joints for a broad range of uses in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, ink, and paint industries, as well as farm irrigation and fertilizing. Design, maintenance, and plant engineers use OPW swivels in flexible piping systems, loading, hose reels, sewer rodding, and wastewater treatment equipment, as well as in various types of process machinery. They are also widely used for machine tool coolant transfer, drum-filling applications, and a variety of in-plant fluid and dry bulk transfer operations.

General Purpose Swivel Joints

This has been the industry standard for more than 70 years. General-purpose swivel joints are available in aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, ductile iron, and 316 stainless steel. There are eight different styles with anywhere from one to three planes of rotation. We carry an assortment of sizes sure to fit whatever your specific application may be. Common applications utilizing swivel joints include hose reels, aviation refueling carts, hoses, steel mill cooling water lines, wastewater treatment, tank trucks, floating suction assemblies, floating roof drains, highway construction equipment, firefighting equipment, aviation ground support equipment and drum/tote fillers.

Split Flange Swivel Joints

These swivel joints are specifically designed for the transfer of hazardous materials such as acids, petrochemicals, solvents, and other toxic fluids. They are available in 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches and are made from carbon steel or stainless steel.

Hose Reel Swivels

These aluminum and carbon steel swivels are designed in a variety of sizes as an integral part of many hose reel applications. Along with five different styles of hose reel swivels we are also able to customize a hose swivel for whatever your specific application may be.

Versatility is the key to OPW swivel joints. They make it possible for you to use rigid metal piping for loading and unloading fluids and dry product under pressure or vacuum without the difficulty or danger of handling heavy, cumbersome hoses.

Swivel Joint Pressure and Temperature Chart

Repair Procedures

Steps to Replace a Swivel Joint Main Seal and Dust Seal

  1. Clean the chamber thoroughly, grease new main seal, and place the seal in chamber of swivel joint body. (For 3200 Series, grease and install back-up ring also.)
  2. Clean bearing and seal surfaces thoroughly, then install new felt dust seal (or greased O-ring dust seal) around minor diameter of groove on swivel joint tail.
  3. Insert tail into body. Hold dust seal snug in groove of the tail so that it will completely enter dust seal chamber. Slight hand pressure is required to force tail into O-ring Seal.
  4. Ball grooves in tail must be in line with ball grooves in body to allow easy entry of balls into the bearing races. Slowly rotate tail back and forth as balls are inserted until both races are filled to capacity with balls.
  5. Thread in ball retainers until contact is made with balls, then back off slightly to prevent sticking or binding.
  6. For swivels with dual ball retainers, thread on jam nut. Hold ball retainer in position with a hex wrench while locking jam nut with an open-end wrench. Lubricate.
  7. For Swivels with a single ball retaining plug, back off so that the nearest slot is in line with the cotter pinhole. Lock in position with cotter pin and lubricate.