Replacement Parts


Seal replacement kits are available for all OPW ball bearing swivel joints. Simply select the seal, number of planes of rotation in your swivel joint and the swivel size, then click “get price”.

Seal Replacement Kits Ordering

Styles and planes of rotation chart

1 plane of rotation
2 planes of rotation
3 planes of rotation
Styles 20, 30 & 40
Styles 50, 60 & 70
Styles 10 & 80

Each kit includes the main seal, dust seal, four (4) steel balls, grease fitting, cotter pin (except _” and 1” sizes), and instruction sheet. Please specify size when ordering.

Note: OPW 3637VO and 3627VO hose reel swivels use Buna-N seal replacement kit no.3037-RK which includes main seal, dust seal, wear rings, four (4) steel balls, set screw, and an instruction sheet.

Consult factory for replacement seals for split flange swivels.

Ball Bearings

Contact us by email l or phone for ordering ball bearings for OPW swivels.
Both steel and stainless steel ball bearings are available for all OPW swivels. Each swivel plane of rotation has two races; the quantities shown below are per pair of races.

13200 Series swivels use H-4577-M balls.
23200 Series swivels use H-4576-M balls.

Note: 300lb., 600lb., other types of flanges available on special order. Contact us.


Contact us by email or phone for ordering lubricants for OPW swivels.
OPW swivel joints should be lubricated periodically, depending on service and operating conditions. For normal operation, two or three times yearly is usually sufficient. Lubricating as often as once daily may be required when service is severe, such as high temperatures, heavy loads, or constant rotation.

Recommendation: OPW 884 or a good Grade 2 cup grease.
For EPT seals: OPW 885.
For food service applications: OPW 887.

OPW 883 Lubricant
For swivel joints and similar applications. This is a general purpose industrial grease with rust and oxidation inhibitors for use with Buna-N, Viton™, Teflon™ and Neoprene seals. (Do not use with EPT seals.) Packaged in 14 oz. (400 grams) cartridge.

OPW 885 Lubricant
For use in OPW swivel joints and similar applications with EPT seals. 14oz (400 grams) cartridge.

OPW 887 Lubricant
For use in OPW swivel joints in food service applications. Approved by FDA and USDA for incidental contact with edible products. 13oz. (370 grams) cartridge.