Industries continues to add world-class products and services to meet the demands of many different industries and market segments including, but not limited to the following:

Oil & Gas

With products available from world-leading brands such as TODO, Smart Technologies, OPW, SafeRack, ErectaStep and many more, is the one-stop-shop for the safe and efficient transfer of hazardous liquids between fixed and mobile points.

Fuel Storage

Tank farms benefit from the increased level of safety afforded to them through the implementation of grounding and overfill systems from Smart Technologies, Civacon, and Newson-Gale. Floating Suction units, floating roof drains and other ancillary products are available from Emco Wheaton and OPW.  Our selection of UltraTech spill containment equipment now features over 300 unique products.

Petrochemical Refining and Processing was built on a foundation of superior industry knowledge coupled with the highest quality products. We can help you find a wide range of products, including dry break couplers and adaptors, breakaway systems, spill containment, loading arms, platforms, access gangways, and many more. We offer the world’s widest selection of petrochemical products and services, and we’re proud of everyone.

Chemical Manufacturing & Storage provides products and solutions for both fine and bulk chemical applications. Fine chemicals are high-quality chemicals used in flavor, fragrance, tobacco, foundry, agrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications. Bulk chemicals such as ammonia, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, chlorine, and ethane are produced on a large scale. We provide equipment from SafeRack, ErectaStep, Yellowgate, OPW, Emco Wheaton and Todo.


From helicopter refueling to aviation loading skids and aircraft maintenance equipment, our wide range of products are compatible in various military applications.

Road and Rail Transport offers SaferRack’s American-made loading rack and safety cage solutions to companies that place a premium on worker safety. We engineer, manufacture, deliver and install platforms to meet any project’s unique specifications. It is common for us to customize our solutions to maximize safety and performance. We can install and assemble a stand-alone loading system within a matter of hours. Our spill containment systems meet stringent U.S. EPA compliance measures ensuring that oil, fuel and any hazardous materials are captured and reclaimed. this also means our pledge to safeguard the environment is every bit as strong as our commitment to providing the safest, OSHA-approved loading systems possible for today’s workforce. We also incorporate products from Emco Wheaton, Todo, Civacon, OPW, Newson-Gale and many other global brands to ensure a successful installation.


We offer a wide range of stainless steel top loading arms, bottom unloading arms and loading platforms from OPW and Emco Wheaton. In addition, we provide access gangways and safety cages from SafeRack, grounding and overfill from Smart Technologies, and couplings from Todo and Civacon. We also offer a wide selection of swivel joints with FDA approved sealing technology, guaranteed to maintain sanitary distillation.


Our selection of AeroStep platforms builds upon our philosophy of mass-customization. By combining proven ErectaStep components with custom OSHA compliant components, aviation sector employees can safely access all parts of an aircraft during either manufacturing or maintenance. The solutions that we provide – which are aircraft specific – completely enclose the area of maintenance. When wrapping our product around hard to access work areas – the aircraft frame or engine – your workers will.