Couplers & Adaptors

To run a safe and efficient loading system, every part, fitting, and accessory needs to be working together seamlessly. With years of experience engineering full loading systems, SafeRack can help keep your product flowing quickly and safely. Couplers (also referred to as couplings) help ease loading and unloading connections between railcars or trucks and the terminals in which they’re operating. And we have an extensive range of couplings ideally suited for hazardous materials, including API loading couplers, aviation fuel couplers and vapor couplers from brands such as OPW, TODO, and Emco Wheaton.

As a result of the continuous coupling and uncoupling during the loading and unloading process, the mating surface becomes worn. Ultimately, the consequence of this wear will lead to product leakage. The is where the adaptor wear inspection gauge is the most reliable way to ensure the mating surface between an adaptor and a loading coupler cam is appropriate for use and meets recommended settings.

Quick Connect Systems

You need your unloading applications to work efficiently no matter the conditions, so it’s critical to have a quick connect and disconnect (QC/DC) system that you can rely on. All of SafeRack’s QC/DC fittings help you maintain seamless connections swiftly and seamlessly, which means you can keep business moving forward.

SafeRack supplies a wide range of engineered systems, including OPW’s Kamlok, the world’s most popular cam and groove, and Emco Wheaton’s TODO Series. And because every product we offer is proven to work and built to last, you’ll have confidence in every connection, every time.

Plus, in addition to helping you select the right size and configuration, our expert team of engineers can recommend the best parts and accessories for your system, including adaptors, dust caps, dust plugs and more.

Cam and Groove Coupling Systems

In extreme applications, leaks can be particularly destructive. For those situations, cam and groove couplings can be used to eliminate spills during the connecting and disconnecting process.

High-performing, innovative disconnects, including OPW’s Kamvalok and Autolok series and Emco Wheaton’s TODO Dry Disconnect Couplings, have been proven to protect workers and the environment from hazardous materials. Designed to last, these disconnect systems provide customers with a wide range of benefits, including easy-to-use features and additional protection for liquid transfers.

No matter your industry, you can rely on SafeRack to help you select and install the right disconnects and parts for your specific application.