Seeing is Believing with Sight Flow Indicators

When you need to closely monitor your industrial process line, seeing really is believe when you put our sight flow indicators to use. You can monitor and verify liquid flow through the intake and outtake pumping, filtering, heating, and cooling, to name just a few applications.

sight flow indicatorLubricant and cooling lines are critical to monitor in power plants using hydro-electric generators and sight flow indicators are the way to go. These indicators are maintenance-free and are guaranteed not to leak. Our indicators will provide you with a longer-lasting and far better seal than the conventional flat seals you’d get from other companies.

When it comes to monitoring the flow of fluids in your process lines and detecting where, if any place, problems exist, you won’t find a more cost-efficient or reliable way for monitoring than our sight indicators. You’re sure to find the perfect style of the indicator from among the following four types.

The propeller Indicator is ideal for the observation of opaque liquid from a distance.

Drip Tube Indicator is good for gravity flow or extremely low or intermittent flow conditions.

Bi-Directional Plain Indicator should be used when the color and clarity of your liquids are of the most importance.

Bi-Directional Flapper Indicator points in either direction to easily show you which way the liquid is flowing.

Choose your sight indicator based on the pressures and temperatures of liquid that you’ll be monitoring. We have indicators measuring temperatures up to 350 F degrees and pressures up to 400 PSIG.

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