Ordering the Right OPW Swivel Joints

You should be able to tell just by our name alone that we’re the place to come when you need the right OPW swivel joints for whatever application you have. We provide charts on our website that provide you with extensive information about all of the OPW swivel joints that we carry including dimensions, approximate weights of the various sizes, and chemical compatibility with your swivel joint metal and seal materials.

Features of OPW Swivel Joints

swivel joints measurementsThe chemical compatibility is especially useful for ordering the correct swivel joints to work with the type of chemicals you use. We grade the chemical and metal compatibility on the following scale:

1. Recommended combination
2. Would result in Moderate to Severe Effect
3. Would result in Minor to Moderate Effect
4. Insufficient data on compatibility
5. Unsatisfactory
6. No data available at all.

Once you know the style of swivel joint you want, it’s easy to order right from our website. Find the style on our products page where our styles are listed and click on the one you want. Click through on that style’s specific type and then select the metal, size, and type of seal you need. Type in the quantity of swivel joints then click “Get Price”. Once you fill in your personal information and “Submit” it to us we will be able to send you an Instant Online Price for your consideration.

You can be assured that your personal information is safe with us. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will not sell, share, or rent any information you have given to us, to others in any way.

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