Understanding The Mechanics of a Water Hose Reel

From pressure washing to wash-downs – a water hose reel system comes in handy for almost any sort of application. The use of a water hose reel isn’t limited to cleaning purposes alone, and it can also be used for volume transfer in either a portable or non-portable state.

From agricultural needs to washing needs and from landscaping to fire suppression – a water hose reel can be used as a multi-purpose device.

The Components

A hose reel system is thus, a set of objects or machines (such as a pump, or any other source of water), that is connected through a hose or a system of hose pipes and attached to a hose reel.

A hose reel system can either be mounted onto a fixed location at the worksite, or kept mobile with a truck, trailer, or a skid-mounted solution.

How Does One Work

The mechanics of the entire machinery is relatively simple – all you would have to do is open a valve that is adjusted to the hose reel to control the flow of water.

Likewise, with a pipe, you adjust the reel to your location and pull along as you go. Many hose reels come with specific gauges to control water pressure (this happens in extremely handy during power washes).

How Yours Might Differ from the Next

Hose Reels are versatile in use and design. Hence, there are many specifications as to how the manufacturer can provide your hose reel. Understanding which specification works better for your needs is crucial in selecting the right one. For example, while an industrial hose reel undoubtedly looks fancier – it’ll be an added cost if you only need it for landscaping.

The body of the reel comes in steel-welded frames. However, the quality of these frames and their subsequent longevity may depend on several factors such as glazing and plating.

Some hose reels are supplied as is and not as the entire system. Essentially, this means that the manufacturer provides the frame but not the hose.

There are also variants based on how ingenious your device is – some have gauges, some have cranks, some have retractors, etc.


The durability of the reel is an essential feature. Given as to how most coils are made up of stainless steel – it becomes key to protect it from corroding. Now, corrosion can occur in any wet environment. Choosing the right type of stainless steel for your needs will lead to little hassle in maintenance later on.


Choosing the right water hose reel comes in close approximation with selecting the proper manufacturer. It’s important to find a reputable manufacturer so that your ROI (Return on Investment) is stable, and so that the machinery does not carry the risk of being faulty.

It is crucial to purchase your water hose reels from a reliable supplier especially if you serve the following industries: frac sand, crude oil, distribution, warehouses, flatbed truck loading, general industrial, grounding, monitoring, marine, and shipping ports.

Pressure Washing with Your Water Hose Reel

Hose reels pose as essential components in industrial cleaning applications given as to how they’re the best choice when it comes to high-pressure washes. Management and storage of this machine are relatively more straightforward than any other industrial cleaning appliance, which makes this a top pick by companies everywhere.

When determining the perfect hose reel for your needs, you would have to identify features such as ease, weight, and durability.

Pressure washers need to be supplied in robust bodies that are capable of withstanding a wide range of manipulation. The longevity of your device should not come as a compromise for the performance.

Fire Suppression

Understandably, the first thing that probably came to your mind when you think of a water hose is something that you’ve seen attached to fire trucks.

The device can get a large quantity of water to fire – making it indispensable. Fire hose reels are required for a range of applications, and these applications require more extensive and more well-built machinery. The coil is to bridge distances of up to 30 meters and no less.

Reels for firefighters come in a variety of specifications. However, the most commonly used ones are booster hose reels. These are specifically designed to give a quick response with high volume distribution.

Other specifications include hydraulic dual hose reels that are used mostly for mobile operations or vehicle extrication purposes.

If you’re looking for a deeper study into the properties of water hose reels for purposes of drinking water, it would benefit you greatly to read this executive summary.

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