4 Reasons Why Hose Reels Are Essential in Petroleum and Gas Handling

Life without energy seems impossible. Whether your customers need to get to school or work, oil and gas are essential for their daily lives. However, fuel is not only necessary for transportation; it is also important for electricity, production, manufacturing, and more.

As an oil and gas supplier, it is your job to make sure that all the retailers and direct customers linked with you are supplied with fuel safely and soundly. This is why you need to incorporate hose reels in your daily operations.

What Are Hose Reels?

Before we discuss the importance of hose reels for your organization, it is important to understand their purpose. Hose reels are manufactured with steel, wood, plastic, and other materials for varying needs. They are used for the successful transportation of gases, liquids, fuel, chemicals, and other industrial applications.

While there are several hoses, the main purpose of all of them is to ensure that the fluid stored is safely transported. As a result, a portable and collapsible hose reel becomes essential for successful oil and gas handling in your industrial operations.

4 Reasons Why Hose Reels Are Essential for Oil and Gas Handling

The top reasons why you need a hose reel for safe and successful oil and gas handling, transportation, and storage include the following:

  1. Prevention of Air Leakage
    • When hoses are misplaced, dragged, or left uncared for on the floor, they are exposed to air leakages. As air seeps into the hose, it builds up unwarranted pressure. Often, air leakage leads to energy loss as well. As a result, the fuel you transport eventually is less than what you supplied originally.
    • Over time, this leads to hefty financial losses. To increase the efficiency of your oil and gas transportation, install a hose reel to secure the fuel from gas leakages. This will conserve energy and prevent financial losses.
  2. Curtails Hose Wear & Tear
    • Hoses are undeniably imperative to your business organizations. Since the hose is directly connected to the fuel storage tanks, it is the portal providing access to the gas and oil. Naturally, as it is an access point to the fuel, it is important for your petroleum handling.
    • By introducing reels to your hose, you can guarantee a longer-lasting hose. This is because a reel will eliminate the hose’s exposure to the floor. Since this prevents rough hose handling, your hose will last longer without the annual wear & tear.
    • Not only will this provide you with better hose management and fuel handling, but it will also reduce your costs of buying new hoses. As a result, you will be able to enjoy higher workplace efficiency and better financial management along with safe petroleum & gas handling.
  3. Eliminates the Risks of Accidents
    • Employee safety in the workplace must be tended to with the utmost care and caution, especially when the nature of work is risky or dangerous. As a gas and oil supplier, your premises comprise highly inflammable elements – the fuel – which needs to be taken care of.
    • To keep the fluids safe and away from leakages, you need hoses. However, even the hose needs to be taken care of to avoid accidents in the workplace. For instance, what if the hose is simply lying around the floor? Wouldn’t an employee be at risk of tripping or falling?
    • Using a simple hose can be dangerous, particularly if the hose is just lying around. This is why you need to ensure reels secure the hose and eliminate the risks of accidents.
  4. Easy Handling
    • Lastly, a hose reel is essential for petroleum and gas handling because it provides easy handling. When you rely on hose reels for fuel handling, you do not have to worry about detangling the hose, cleaning, swapping, or placing the hose somewhere.
    • This guarantees easy hose reel handling in your workplace. In addition, you need to ensure that the fuel is transferred to and fro without any hindrances. A hose reel guarantees convenient and hassle-free handling, enabling you to enjoy greater workplace efficiency!

As a crude oil refiner and distributor, handling oil and gas for safe and successful transportation is essential to your business. This is why you must invest in the right type of hose reels and guarantee long-lasting, safe, and secure fuel management.

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