Leak-Proof Sight Flow Indicators

Using sight flow indicators you can efficiently and effectively visually monitor the flow of fluids to determine where, if any, problems exist at certain points along the industrial process line. These inexpensive, relatively simple devices are installed directly in the process line and allow operators to observe flow rate, direction, color and clarity through a glass viewing lens.

The complaint most often registered against sight flow indicators is that they leak, principally due to the failure of the conventional flat seals many use. VISI-FLO® is guaranteed not to leak for three full years under normal use. The key design attributes that enable innovative radial sealing design is so good, it’s guaranteed not to leak!

The unique bolt-on design fastens the face plate assembly directly to the body without any special torquing sequence. This provides quick access to the unit from the front side, which gives companies the flexibility to install VISI-FLO® in locations where other sight flow indicators are unable to be installed due to clearance problems.

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