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Steps to Replace a Swivel Joint Main Seal and Dust Seal

Swivel Replacement Instructions

The illustrations below show the simple step-by-step method used to replace the main seal and dust seal in OPW swivel joints.

1. Clean chamber thoroughly, grease new main seal and place seal in chamber of wivel joiont body. (For 3200 Series, grease and install back-up ring also.)

2. Clean bearing and seal surfaces thoroughly, then install new felt dust seal (or greased O-ring dust seal) around m inor diameter of groove on swivel joint tail.

3. Insert tail into body. Hold dust seal snug in groove of tail so that it will completely enter dust seal chamber. Slight hand pressure is required to force tail into O-ring Seal.

4.Ball grooves in tail must be in line with ball grooves in body to allow easy entry of balls into the bearing races. Slowly rotate tail back and forth as balls are inserted until both races are filled to capacity with balls.

5. Thread in ball retainers untill contact is made with balls, tehn back off slightly to prevent sticking or binding.

6a. For swivels with dual ball retainers, thread on jam nut. Hold ball retainer in position with a hex wrench while locking jam nut with an open end wrench. Lubricate.

6b.For Swivels with a single ball retaining plug, back off so that the nearest slot is in line with the cotter pin hole. Lock in position with cotter pin and lubricate.