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OPW Loading Arms for Trucks, Railcars and Drums

Swiveljoints.com and Safe Rack can help you with designs of loading arms , which are combinations
of swivel joints and piping, and typically include a spring counterbalance. These are used for loading
trucks, railcars, drums, etc. Please contact us for specifications and more information.


Safe Rack
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At SafeRack we can help you meet all of your requirements for bulk chemical loading. You can count on us for swing arms for truck loading, railcar loading and custom bulk loading applications like drums and containers. Whether you're using top or bottom loading applications, using supported or unsupported boom arms, fixed or variable reach arms, bypass and wash arms, they're all common applications to us.

Our OPW loading arms are designed for ease of operation and handling so they create a faster and safer loading operations for your employees. The rugged construction makes down time and maintenance issues virtually non-existent.

Drum Loading Arms: ideal for loading all types of intermediate 55 lb. bulk drums and eliminates ground contamination caused by exposed hoses. Improved safety and productivity due to no lifting of hoses and easier operation.

Bottom Loading Arm for Tank Trucks: swings under trucks to bottom load bulk chemicals while the bottom loading arm for railcars is insulated and traced to keep product at required temperature for loading and unloading.

Top Loading Arm for Trucks: includes an integrated gangway and safety cage for top loading tank trucks.

OPW Loading Arms for Top Loading Railcars: include integrated vapor recovery by-pass hoses and are retrofitted to existing loading racks.

When what you want is dependable service in high usage installations for your top loading tank trucks and iso-containers, you'll need the supported OPW boom arm. The Supported Boom Arm for Railcars: has an integrated gangway and safety cage and provides dependable service with low maintenance.

With more than 200 years of combined experience with loading arms of various types, SafeRack can assist you with every step of the design process from swing arm style to dimensions and materials. You can rest assured that your loading arm will be designed and built to specifications and delivered on schedule, the first time.