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When you're looking for the world's most popular cam and grove quick disconnect fittings take a closer look at our Kamlok Fittings from OPW Engineered Systems. Quick Disconnects are truly the industry standard in cam and grove couplers when it comes so safety and ease of use. All of our OPW Kamlok couplers feature an exclusive Twin-Kam™ arm design that prevents an accidental release. They also feature a Spring-Ring™ to ensure proper position of the finger rings that add to the ease of operation.

These couplings have a cam and grove design that provides reliable and smooth operation in a full 360 degree orientation. The exclusive Twin-Kam™ arms, that come with a lifetime guarantee, provides detent position that will prevent any accidental release of the arms beyond 45 degrees. The couplings come with the Spring-Ring™ finger rings that will not get trapped under the arms due to an OPW patented feature. Opening and closing of the rings is quick and easy every time.

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Kamlok quick couplings

Benefits of OPW Kamlok Fittings:

o Reliable Long Life - Our Kamlok fittings are specially designed and manufactured with a total of 316 stainless steel and gasket materials to stand up to even the harshest environments.

o Accident Prevention - Exclusive features that include the Twin-Kam™ arms with their special detent will secure arms in position and help prevent any accidental uncoupling.

o Smooth Patented Design - The cam and groove design of these Kamlok fittings means both smooth coupling and uncoupling, while the patented Spring-Ring™ feature ensures that the finger rings do not get trapped under the coupling arms, ever.

o High Quality - Like all of our OPW products, these couplings are built to the highest quality standards with a special easy to use design at the price point of other standard cam and groove couplers. This really makes OPW Kamlok fittings the best overall value in the entire industry.

If you ever have a question about whether or not these Kamlok fittings and couplings are safe enough to use in your production line, just give our customer service department a call at 866-761-7225.