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Drylok couplings are the closest dry disconnect on the market. They feature low pressure drops, along with very tight seals and fittings, allowing virtually no spillage. An interlocking handle averts accidental spills by preventing uncoupling while the valve is open. And, the unit's flat face minimizes fluid loss, further reducing exposure to risk during operation. Because of their unique poppet action they virtually eliminate spillage of any residual liquid contained within the line after disconnection. There's also super-pak adjustable packing with V-type material that provides a continuous compression, emission-free seal on the handle shaft.

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Drylok couplings - Drylok couplers The standard in the industry of dry-disconnect couplers are the OPW Drylok couplings. The couplings are designed to safely transfer hazardous corrosive, volatile liquids such as acids, solvents and petrochemicals and used at liquid transfer points where product loss could potentially occur. These couplers provide a reliable solution to prevent spillage during connection or disconnection. Wherever you have applications requiring transferring of product, whether in-house, on railcars, tank cars or trucks and trailers, the Drylok coupler will keep your workers safe by preventing spillage.

The most common applications for the use of dry-disconnect couplers include manufacturers of paint, lacquers, inks, adhesives, fatty acids, pharmaceuticals, liquid soaps, and many other liquid products. They are particularly well suited for handling petroleum products, solvents, agricultural chemicals, vegetable oils, detergents and many acids and other caustics.

OPW Drylok provides automatic closure from both directions - the coupler and the adaptor. With its simple connection and disconnection design and lever actuated internal poppet configuration, this has become the first choice for liquid transfer operations in all manufacturing environments.

The size of the couplings should be carefully selected and the temperature should be considered when selecting any coupling. The coupler must work at the required temperature and the correct pressure.

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