You’ll Like This Dry Disconnect Coupling

If your company is responsible for handling and transporting chemicals of any type and you can’t afford any spillage, you’ll want this dry disconnect coupling. Spillage of any type is not only hazardous but also costly to your company. Utilizing a dry disconnect coupling of the highest quality like we carry will ensure all of your dry transfers are successful and safe. You can count on us at Swivel Joints to carry only the best quality products there are.

dry disconnect couplingIn addition, for fast and reliable transfers you should only be using our Drylok coupler on your lines. If you aren’t you might want to take a look on our website at what we have. Wherever you have applications requiring the transference of product, whether in-house, on railcars, tank cars or trucks, the this coupler will prevent spillage with an easy connect and disconnect process.

The flow rate in all applications, including high-pressure and high-viscosity ones, is optimized due to the easy flow interior. A continuous compression, emission-free seal on the handle shaft is provided by the super-pak adjustable packing with V-type material that is used.

Safety is guaranteed when you use Drylok as it cannot come uncoupled while the valve is open. In meets and exceeds all emission and worker safety requirements set by EPA, OSHA, and others today.

If you have questions or would like more information from us about any of our products, you can reach us by calling 1-866-761-7225. We look forward to speaking with you.

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